The more we delve into the secrets as to the causes of trends in stock prices the more we must admit they remain unknown  and invisible to us. Market trends at their top inevitably turns into a “mania” which tell us of a new era while on the contrary at their bottom they seem to be opening the doors of a deep abyss just in front of us. Every trader’s dream it to be able to ride these trends buying at the bottom and selling at the very top remaining immune from the emotional swings of the “fear and greed pendulum” which seems to  affect the rest of the investment community. Unfortunately  often traders’ dreams turn into nightmares. At the end it comes down to a very basic problem: when is the right time to buy and when is the right time to sell? Timing: that’s what makes a difference between making money or loosing.
Most traders mistakenly think that the best investment and trading opportunities can happen just any time, as if any day was a good day to make the winning trade that can make them retire early and rich. Nothing could be more far from truth.
Most trading techniques can be right sometimes, even the dumbest ones: but trading techniques or trading styles that can be consistently profitable are hard to find, most of them cannot adapt to the ever changing volatility of the markets and sooner or later fail. Any action, any trade made at the wrong time will inevitably turn into a loss, if does not matter if at the end the idea behind the trade was good or wrong: what matters is TIMING:  a farmer does not dare planting when he thinks it is a good time to do it, he waits for the time to be right for planting, he waits for the natural law and natural cycles to do their course: the very same thing should do a trader.
Astro trading is a technique that tries to focus on “timing” your trades accordingly to the natural cycles and uses the planetary motion to keep tracking of such cycles on any time frame: from the smallest cycles of few minutes to long term ones. The pioneers of the Astro trading technique were people like George Bayer, Gann,  Benner: they wrote extensively in the last century about the importance of cycles for trading and investing. Time has past since they wrote about the market and since they developed the first charting and drawing devices to track by hand the planetary motion as timing tool. Now we live in the era of personal computers with ever increasing computational power and speed, global communications and internet, still the immutable law of seasons and cycles remain the same: why not to use our technology to make timing based on planets and stars more practical for modern day traders?  Modern Astro trading techniques can help traders in improving his timing skills in any kind of market (stocks, indexes, currencies, ETFs, commodities….) on any time frame (from few minutes to many yeas). 
Astro trading has nothing to do with non-sense sun-signs astrology. Astro trading uses the Ecliptic or the Equatorial coordinates system to track the planets in their motion in order to discover those natural rhythms influencing the stock prices’ patterns and dynamics: it is a scientific method to study the markets, a young science with a huge potential and lots of room for improvement, definitely more scientific than pure technical analysis and absolutely with nothing in common with horoscopes and commercial astrology. 
If you are interested in learning more about Astro trading and investing, here you will find educational resources, free articles and tools that can undoubtedly help you and if you really like this kind of research. And you want to dig deeper in to these subjects you can invest in your own formation and read our book "Wall Street Watchman": once you feel ready to start you astro-trading we suggest you to use Wave 59 Technology Software as your astro trading software platform: of all the platform that we have used and tested Wave 59 is the best and most versatile for astro trading and astro cycles analysis: you can use it to draw intraday planetary trading lines, to track planetary cycles, for standard technical analysis and to draw your own geometric patterns. 

Mercury Synodic Cycle as forecasting tool 

Intraday Planetary Trading Lines Chart